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This site allows Programs and Schools to provide their vital program information to Therapeutic and Educational Consultants through the software consultants use every day.

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Do you run a School, RTC, Boarding School, Wilderness Program, ... ?
Every School or Program in SRPdb has over 60 different points of data describing it. Everything from Academics to Therapy, Population Details to Program Components. The more information Consultants have about your Program, the higher the likelihood it will appear when the consultant is searching for the best place for a student or client to go. Nobody knows your Program like you do, and SRPdb for Programs provides an easy way to reach a lot of consultants all at once.

An incredible marketing opportunity

SRPdb provides contact points directly between Programs and Consultants
Every time you update your data in SRPdb for Programs, all consultants will be notified of the new opportunity to import this data directly into their system. These notices appear on the home page of the software they use every day. There is also the opportunity to buy a limited number of "news" slots, where you can write a small post that promotes your program or event.

There are advertising search terms that are more expensive than our Premium Plan, and those ads are not guaranteed to be clicked on by the people you most want to click them. SKIP the "SEO Middle Man". You now have the full attention of all of our consultants, looking intently at your information as they import it.

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